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Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo share another emotional behind-the-scenes photo, but this time around it showcased the original Avengers on the recreated set from their debut outing in 2012. By the end of Infinity War, Thanos manages to achieve his goal across the universe, without violence—painlessly and humanely, with a click of the fingers—wiping out exactly 50% of the population at random, all at once. Mr. Stark, you've become part of a bigger universe.” These movies are made with the fans in mind, and while it may occasionally go against their expectation, Marvel movies aren't here to punch you in the gut.

Tony and Pepper suit up and blast through Thanos's forces. The first 40 seconds of Endgame's first track, "Totally Fine", reprise Avengers: Infinity War 's final track, "Porch", the theme that plays as Thanos contemplates his victory. By only showing up halfway the final battle, she still gets to make an epic entrance demolishing Thanos's ship and pushing back the titan himself, but Thanos at that point can use the Power Stone to even the odds.

Hawkeye is the last to join the group, having been absent from Avengers: Infinity War due to his house arrest after Captain America: Civil War and taking up vigilantism as Ronin after the time skip. During the climax, Hope van Dyne calls Steve "Cap" just like Scott did in Ant-Man and the Wasp She's also aware of the hypocrisy of her admonishing Scott in said film, and sheepishly grins.

Avengers: Endgame puts the brakes on that by finally taking its own sweet time in exploring how heroes might deal with grief, loss, survivors' guilt, and the pervasive feeling of failure. The Teaser : The movie doesn't open on the Marvel Studios logo, but opens on a scene of Clint with his family just before the end of Infinity War, wherein Thanos's Snap causes him to lose his wife, two sons, and daughter.

Upon summoning his army on Earth, 2014 Thanos expresses very deep annoyance at the 500 Subscribers Avengers and Earth for trying to thwart his plans so stubbornly. However, at that point, Strange was still a surgeon who had never even heard of things like Infinity Stones and from Doctor Strange we know that before 2017 the Eye of Agamotto was usually kept at Kamar-Taj.

Officially joining the Avengers for the first time are Ant-Man, Rocket, Nebula, and Captain Marvel. Tony Stark, when he dies after snapping his fingers wearing the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy Thanos and his army. Gear up for the end of an era with official Marvel Avengers: Endgame merchandise from Cover It Up. The Earth's mightiest heroes do whatever it takes to avenge the fallen.

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